During the  1980s and early 90s. My photographs of US  political figures as well as nationally known celebrities  appeared  in a variety of newspapers , national and international  magazines.  I then quit 'the business,' up until now.  I then made a career change having become a parent.


Today, I am now offering photographic portrait services. As a photographer, my goal is being patient and sensitive to the individual I am honored to photograph.

It is not my job to tell you how to sit and how to pose. Its my job to capture on either film, or digital the very essence that is you.

The map of Guangxi Autonomous Region featured  at the opening page is approximately one  hour's flight due  west of Hong Kong.

The first impression of the countryside around Nanning, and Guangxi's second largest city Liuzhou (Pronounced:Lu-Jo), is the red soil and the rice fields. The winters in in Guangxi are cool ( Average temp 62 F) . The summers in Guangxi are 'bloody steaming hot!' Temperatures hover around the 100 F, degree mark matched with a 100% humidity. Imagine, living in Florida during August ,and you can't remove your  heavy wool winter wool coat recently soaked by a rainstorm . That's Guangxi Autonomous Region from May- October.


The photo  below shows a group shot of, English Teacher -Mr Stephen some of the college students I taught . All of whom have moved onto careers and  raising their own families in Southern China.